Transformers for traction substations of the underground railways and urban transport

Three-phase dry transformer with cast insulation made of epoxide resin is equipped with vibration-absorbing devices.

Transformer core assembly based on step-lap technology ensures reduction of idling losses and noise.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Technical specifications:

  1600 kVa 2500 kVa
Typical power, kVA 1600 2500
Rated coil winding voltage (high), kV 6; 10; 20
Rated coil winding voltage (low), kV 0,67
Number of phases 3
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Winding insulation withstands test voltage of the commercial frequency: HV;LV, kV 28; 5
Ambient air temperature range, °С minus 25 — plus 50
Ingress protection IP00


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