Rectifiers series V-MPED for traction substations of underground railway

Rectifier is used to convert AC into DC at underground railway traction substations.

Main benefits:

  • Use of chillers with natural cooling ensures high reliability and overload capacity, maintenance is not required in the course of operation.
  • Application of the diode blocks with a common chiller for two parallel diodes reduces quantity of buses and transitional contacts and as a result, reduces the losses.
  • Application of thoriated clamp mechanism to create the required clamping force and special diode clamps allow quick replacement of diodes in place, without removing the power equipment and without the use of special measuring tools.


Design features:

In standard execution the rectifier is assembled according to 12-pulse current rectification circuit formed by subsequent connection of two bridges. The rectifier can be also assembled according to 6-pulse rectifier circuit.

Each diode is provided with the conductivity diagnostic circuit.

The rectifier is fitted with microprocessor protection and diagnostic system based on the controller manufactured by ESTEL Company, and is equipped with operator’s control panel provided with LCD display.

The microprocessor system is realized through the inner oscilloscope that allows to perform continuous monitoring of the following parameters: current, voltage, diodes conductivity, temperature at operation of the converting unit, and also to receive waveforms of the alarm signals, if they occur.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Operating conditions:

Upper maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С +45
Lower maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С -25
Upper value of the relative air humidity at temperature +25°С, % 98
Altitude above sea level, m 2000
Output parameters    
Rated active power, kW 1320 2475
Rated voltage, V 825
Rated current, А 1600 3000
Overload current relative to rated value and allowable overloads time, s 150% — 2 hours 2 times  a day
200% — 40  sec with 75 sec periodicity 75 sek
300% — 10 sec with 75 sec periodicity 75 sek
Input parameters    
Rated voltage, V 630
Rated frequency of the power supply voltage, Hz 50
Quantity of phases of the power supply voltage 2 х 3
Rated current, А 2571
Auxiliary power supply voltage (50 Hz frequency), V 220
Cooling air, natural
Power factor (design), minimum 0,95
Coefficient of performance, minimum 0,98
Ingress protection of:
— force circuit
— control system
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm 1200 х 2300 х 1000 2400 х 2300 х 1000
Weight, maxim, kg 445 890


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