Automatic cable winding device ACW

Main features:

  • Availability of electromagnetic clutch
  • Up-to-date engineering solutions
  • Adaptability for any type of aircraft
  • Low noise level
  • Possibility of modifications and changes in accordance with the Customer’s requirements
  • Reliable design
  • Operations in any climatic zones
  • Heating system for operations in climatic zones with minus temperatures
  • Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements

This device is intended for winding and unwinding of cable as well as its compact storage. 

The specified type of device can be equipped with an electromagnetic clutch, which in turn, facilitates carrying out cable unwinding operations in manual mode if the electric drive becomes faulty. Capacity of the cable drum: 22m (in basic configuration), 30, 40m (as per customer’s requirement). 

Automatic cable winding device is operated using remote control panel or from diagnostics panel.

Technical characteristics:

Description of parameter Standard
1 Automatic cable winding device  
1.1 Power supply 3×400 VAC 60Hz/3×380 VAC 50 Hz
1.2 Coiling speed, m/min 40
1.3 Cable length, m 22 (30, 40 – optional)
1.4 Motor rating of winding device, кW 1,0
2 Additional data:  
2.1 Overall dimensions (basic model), l x b x h, mm 1000х800х800
2.2 Cable diameter, mm 42
2.3 Weight (basic model), kg +/- 230

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